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Bucket List Parks & Rides…..#6

It’s a new year which means it’s time to share our bucket list parks & rides. Each one of our bucket list parks has a bucket list ride there. There isn’t any specific order it’s going to go in. We hope you enjoy and we’d love to hear your bucket list.

Phantisaland / Taron:

We’ve watched countless vlogs from this park and Taron. It’s made it become a park we are dying to visit. Taron looks gorgeous and it’s a launch which is a massive win. We adore launch coasters not like you don’t already know, if you’ve read our previous bloggers. The park overall just looks beautiful and is home to so many rides we’d love to ride.

Efteling / Baron 1898:

If you’ve read our coaster types we want to ride more off. You’d know this one is pretty high up for us. We love our Dive in the UK Oblivion and really want to ride more which are longer with inverisons. Efteling itself is home to so many rides we want to ride such as Python etc.

Cedar Point / Top Thrill Dragster / GateKeeper and Magnum XL-200;

Cedar Point has several coasters which are in our bucket list. The park is home to every type of coaster which we love. It’s a park we literally dream of visiting one day in the nearby futute.

Europa Park / Wodan & Blue Fire;

Two of our favourite coaster type’s wood and launch along with loads of ride type’s we’ve never experienced before. Europa Park looks insane with the amount of rides there and been close Phantasialand.

Liseberg / Helix:

The pattern is probably very obivous almost all of our bucket list coasters are launches. Helix looks like our perfect sort of coaster and it’s a coaster we are very desperate to ride.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and feel free to share yours with us.

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